If you are unable to invest a lump sum amount of money, and would rather invest on a monthly or quarterly basis, you can go for a recurring deposit. It can be opened for a fixed period of time, and deposits may be made at fixed, pre-determined intervals that can be monthly or quarterly.

At Fundwill, you get attractive RD interest rates of upto 11.5 % , so you can save for your goals easily. Investing in a Fundwill Recurring Deposit is simple, with an online investment process that enables existing customers to invest from the convenience of their home. For those who wish to plan their investments in advance, our support team is a great way to know your maturity amount, returns and payout, before investing.

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Features and Benefits of Our Recurring Deposit


Upto 11.5% Return on Recurring Deposit

Fundwill's Recurring Deposit offers a lucrative interest rate of up to 10.5%, which can go up to 11.5% for senior citizens. Investing in this FD can help you accumulate your wealth and grow your corpus, with assured returns.


Higher Interest Rates for Senior Citizens

For senior citizens seeking safe investment avenues to invest their life savings, Fundwill Recurring Deposit offers the benefit of high safety with additional returns of 0.25% over and above the regular interest rate. Senior citizens can also choose the option of periodic payouts, to fund regular expenses.


Regular Deposit Plan

Fundwill is now offering Recurring Deposit in Regular Deposit Plan (RDP), – a monthly investment option that enables the customer to invest in small monthly deposits, in a disciplined manner. The maturity period of each monthly deposit under RDP shall be for a minimum period of 12 months to a maximum period of 60 months. The depositor will have option to choose between 6 to 48 numbers of monthly deposits under RDP. The interest rate prevailing on the date of each deposit will be applicable to that particular deposit. Each deposit under the RDP will be treated as a separate Recurring Deposit.


High Stability and Credibility

Fundwill ensures that you should get maximum profit from your savings, therefore with our plans we process your money in a secure manner, so that your investments are never at risk.


Flexible Tenors

When investing in a Fundwill Recurring Deposit, you can choose the tenor between 12 and 60 months, to suit your financial needs. This can help you with your liquidity needs, and you can ladder your investments to enjoy a higher cash inflow.


Minimum deposit of Rs. 100

The minimum deposit required to invest in a Fundwill Recurring Deposit is Rs. 100, which makes it easier to invest. With this minimum deposit amount, you can start investing any time, without having to wait to accumulate a larger corpus. Even with a smaller minimum deposit amount, you can ladder your investments, and earn better returns.


Online Application Process

As an existing customer can easily invest in RD with an easy online application process, which saves you time and trouble. You can save the hassle of submitting lengthy documentation or waiting in queues for opening your Recurring Deposit with Fundwill. As a new customer, you can fill in our online application form, so our representative can get in touch with you.


Invest using debit card

Invest in RDs using debit cards (available in select locations only).


Invest using UPI and Net Banking

Invest in RDs using UPI, QR Code and Net Banking is available across the country.


Auto renewal

We will auto-renew your RD and save the hassle of filling in the renewal form again during maturity. You can also request to stop auto renewal without any charges.

Investing in a Fundwill Recurring Deposit offers you a balance of convenient investment process, lucrative interest rates of up to 11.5 %, and safety of your deposits, which makes it one of the safest investment option for you to grow your savings easily.